Data Recovery


Remote Data recovery:

Tech OnCall: Joe Keys
call or text (514) 238-4090

Service Call fees: $50 per half hour
  • Have ready an Destination area for your data (USB or Network share)
  • Ideally the destination should be at least the size of the drive to be recovered.
  • install TeamViewer (below) and text me the User and Pass info provided by TeamViewer.
  • Call the Tech OnCall to setup appointment.
  • Deposit the first half hour ($50), PayPal below
TeamViewer (Portable)
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Data recovery is the process of extracting data from failed Storage Media no longer accessible by standard reading devices. Mass storage devices like Raid arrays, hard drives, flash usb memory, CD/DVD disks etc... can and do fail all the time. Various types of failures:

  • Physical electronic or mechanical hardware damage
    • power surge or fluctuation
    • external hard drive dropped
    • manufacturing defects
    • excessive vibration
    • bad sectors
  • Data Corruption
    • improperly disconnected device
    • power failure during a write to the drive
    • virus
  • User Error
    • deleted files
    • overwritten files
    • premature rushed device format
  • Criminal attempts to hide evidence

In most of these cases, Data Recovery is possible


Linux Raid 5 Data Recovery...

I spoke to you last week about a RAID Recovery. I live in the US but my Dad is in MTL. I setup a QNAP NAS for him last year and he needs the data recovered now. The QNAP is a TS469 Pro with 4 Bays, set up in a RAID 5. Each HDD is 3TB. The problem initially when he contacted me was that the NAS became unreachable. I tried SSH, Putty, etc and no luck, the web gui would not pull up and the QNAP Finder sill saw the NAS and static IP. I tried a 3 second reset and no luck, so we did a 10 second admin reset. We could then get to the GUI and it was waiting for a setup. We rebooted the array and the 3rd HDD was bad, so I had him replace it with a new one. When the array came back, it maintained its config, Static IP, shares etc and started rebuilding the 3rd HDD and all looked good. My Dad told me it restarted during the night and thats when the problems happened. So now all data is not accessible, the config wants to be reset and the NAS won't see HDD 4 for some reason. Before it died I was able to see all the data and shares. I tried to Putty in and do an fdsik -l and it won't see HDD 4 and can't see the data. I think you would need to clone each HDD and rebuild the array or get the data off the array. I don't think he has more than 1 or 2 TBs total on the RAID. He should be in touch any time. I will cover all costs with a CC, so pelase don't let him pay or let him know the charges. What would be great is if you can recover the data onto an EXT HDD and then redo the NAS in a RAID 5 and make sure all the HDD are working.

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NAS Specs:

4 - Seagate ST3000DM001 (part no. 1CH166-301) 3TB,
RAID 5 , 64k stripe right-symetric stripe

Cause of QNAP NAS failure:
HDD 3 and HDD 4 went offline when Bad Sectors were detected by the NAS.
the RAID array /dev/md0 could no longer be mounted.
Data Recovery solution for the dismounted Raid 5 Array
HDD4 was too damaged to get a good clone of the Seagate drive however HDD3 had only a few bad sectors and was successfuly cloned.
The array could then be mounted using the mdadm Linux Raid utility. Once mounted, the data was copied by FTP to a safe location (External USB drive).
The failed NAS drives were then replaced under the Seagate Warranty service then re-formated then re-loaded with the Recovered RAID 5 Array Data.

Data Recovery Successful